At Construccions Deumal we began our activity as a construction company
100 years ago in the town of Montseny.The company wasestablished in 1989.

How it began

Initially specialising in building and restoration works, we later expanded our range of services to civil works, the manufacture and laying of all types of bituminous mixtures (asphalts), urbanisation works, earthworks and the conservation and maintenance of roads. We also carried out maintenance work in residents’ associations, industries and all kinds of buildings.

Our values

Since its foundation, the company has promoted a culture based on providing the utmost quality and highest service to our clients. This mind-set, focused on excellence, has led to Construccions Deumal completing varied projects for the public and private sector. Construccions Deumal has always adhered to a set of strong values as a benchmark for our work: a friendly approach, commitment and professionalism to provide our clients with the ideal solution.

Machinery and facilities

At Construccions Deumal we have our own resources to carry out any type of works related to the construction, preparation and paving of roads. We have the staff and the infrastructure needed to develop our activity successfully: in addition to a team of highly qualified specialists, we have a fleet of vehicles and machinery, the asphalt mix production plants, the aggregate crushing plant, the self-control laboratory, the maintenance workshop, the storage warehouses and the central services. A perfect solution at the service of our clients.